Assisted Living Solutions

The American elderly population is growing rapidly. Elderly care facilities are faced with some daunting challenges. MedEyes products are designed to provide elderly care facilities the tools necessary to administer the highest level of care possible.

Food Industry Solutions

The food service market is a dynamic and fast paced world where seconds count and quality is often judged by perceptions of cleanliness and speed of service. MedEyes offers solutions to restaurants that allow them to monitor security functions, validate food temperature, enforce proper hygiene protocol and maximize staff efficiency. MedEyes products serve as differentiators in a competitive marketplace by assuring the consumer that their dining experience will be a safe and enjoyable

Hospital Solutions

Hospitals are constantly asked to accomplish more with limited resources. The MedEyes framework provides hospitals the ability to address some of the biggest challenges in modern healthcare and maximize their ROI. The MedEyes system is a comprehensive solution that helps hospitals combat infections, prevent and reliably detect falls, track assets and maximize staff efficiency.